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|| My Darling Wolfie || Original || GLMM || READ DESC PEEEEEASE! || Gacha Life ||

3 weeks ago

Guys for those of you posting in the comments" SHE TRACED THAT PICTURE ITS FAKE!!!" Please stop.! I made a video explaining it so if you could kidnley take your negetivity somewhere else. Also Omg so this took like maybe 2 weeks 1 week and a half but I love how it turned out :3 next movie I’m working on is a gay love story eek I love gay love stories💕 Also heres a recap. If you want to read you can. I REALLY reccomend reading it because it explains a few things that werent quite that clear. So if you can please read this recap. Hikari sits by the tree waiting for something to happen. A boy names Daniel comes to help her and they become friends. Over the course of 1 night they get attacked by wolves. Daniel saves her and gets a scratch on his eye that will stay there forever. 14 Years later they meet again in school, too bad they had different foster parents. Daniel takes Hikari away from school and they go to the beach and and the cafe and spend the day together. Danile walks Hikari home and Hikari's foster mother Ellie desiedes to invite Daniel and his parents over for dinner. When Daniel gets there he walks in all Hikari sining. He asks how she learned the Ukulele and Hikari explains to him she learned from her father and shares her backstory. Hikari meets Daniel's foster parents May and Violet who are both lesbian. *Happy Gay Pride Month!* After that Daniel asks to stay the night and Ellie speaks for Hikari and says of course. Daniel and Hikari play truth or dare and Hikari almost kisses Daniel for the first time until Ellie intrudes. The next day they go to school and Daniel finds out he has a cheating girlfriend. Then Hikari and Danile sign up for a talent show. During the talent show Hikari and Daniel get paired up to perform together. During the song "Just a Friend to You" Daniel and Hikari share there first kiss after Hikari kinda confesses to Daniel through a song. A week later Daniel and Hikari meet up. Daniel finally confesses that he feels the same way about Hikari and asks her to be his girlfriend. They share one last tender kiss before they fall to the ground crying and hugging each other.




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